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Henry Ford powered his first Model T with Hemp Ethanol, which I call Hempanol.
His fuel's exhaust had very low carbon emissions, which actually could be absorbed by the next years crop, since iHemp has a negative carbon footprint and removes carbon from the air. Mr. Ford also made a plastic car later in the 1940's which also used iHemp in the plastic. His plastic body panels were twelve (12) times lighter than steel, and much stronger.

Now, you may be asking yourself; Why were Mr. Ford's technologies not developed further?
The answer to that is complex, but the short version is that some corporate giants, like DuPont and Hearst, saw iHemp as a threat to their petrolium and timber investments. That was because iHemp can be used to make Bioplastic, which is superior to petrol based plastic and is biodegradable unlike petrolium based plastics. Also, one (1) acre of iHemp is equivalent to four (4) acres of trees when making paper. That is because iHemp stalks are roughly 75% cellulose versus only 30% for trees, and the trees can take twenty (20) years to grow before being harvested, where the iHemp only takes twenty (20) weeks to grow to be harvested. So, those corporate giants used their wealth and power to influence law makers into classifying iHemp with Marijuana, making it a controlled substance and illegal for farmers to grow, despite the fact that real iHemp does not contain enough THC to get anyone high like its cannabis cousin Marijuana.

If you have found your way here to this website, then chances are that you already know something about iHemp. For those of you not familiar with iHemp, please let me give you a few details on this exciting industry.

"Hemp for Victory" (left) was an educational and informational film produced in the early 1940's by the United States Department of Agriculture in an effort to promote iHemp farming for the war effort. It has basic iHemp info. that should be helpful.

iHemp had been banned in 1938 due to its similarities with its cannabis cousin Marijuana. The ban was lifted briefly during WWII. It was later classified as a controlled substance by the Nixon administration.

The 2018 Farm Bill has reintroduced iHemp to American farmers by legalizing it in all 50 states. The federal limit for THC content in iHemp is 0.3% so there is not enough THC to get anyone high should they try to consume iHemp. Check with your state officials for grower and/or processor registration information.

My name is Brian Woodward, and I have plans to do business in the iHemp industry, with the plans being dynamic to work around any barrier to entry in this exciting recently re-introduced crop. That is why I registered a wide variety of iHemp domains. However, I may have gotten a little carried away in my excitement.

I have decided to sell some of the domains that I have registered for my business ventures. You will find below a list of the iHemp domain names that I have available. I will not be selling them all, but will let go of a few. They are great extensions and would suit a variety of iHemp business ventures. If you are interested in acquiring any of the domains on the list below, then please send me your offer via email at storagebuddy@hotmail.com.

Please, keep in mind that these are premium domain names and make your offer accordingly. Ridiculous offers will be ignored. If I do not get decent offers, then I will put all of these to work myself eventually, because they are valuable and any one of them could be the foundation of a successful Industrial Hemp enterprise.

































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